UI/UX Designing

The Client needed to revamp their existing legacy applications and combine them into one single application with most previous functionalities while improving the user interface and user experience of the new application.

For an applications to be successful and user friendly, UI/UX designers need to step in to conduct their research and design the application in the best way possible. A UI/UX designer’s job is to understand how exactly to make the application accommodating to the users. They create user personas and capture important demographics about the users who will be using the application and based on these findings they will create the user interface and make the user experience enjoyable.

The Challenge: The Client’s two applications needed to be combined under one single functioning application. The two applications were also vastly different from each other in design and the current user interface was outdated while the user experience was not always positive. The Applications were also massive, with screen’s ranging above a thousand.

The Solution: TBD
Fugetron Corp. stepped in to implement QA automation for the Client employing a Hybrid framework along with Micro-Focus UFT, which was most compatible with the Client’s legacy applications. Our offshore QA team lead by an Onsite Automation Architect began creating Base Framework scripts for the different apps that would employ the framework. Most testing scenarios completed were then uploaded onto BitBucket to be utilized by the Client’s dev ops cycles. 

Fugetron Corp. not only helped to implement QA automation but also built an offshore QA team for the Client to be able to achieve the “Follow the Sun” model for their projects. The Client is now able to complete their work essentially around the clock with increased productivity at an affordable cost. 

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