QA Automation

QA Automation

Case Study

Helping the Client incorporate automation testing within their manual testing Framework.

Implementing Automated testing framework in to an existing Manuel workflow using Mirco-Focus UFT

Although manual testing will never go away 100%, automation testing can be incorporated in many cases. Automation testing not only saves time and effort but it also improves the testing accuracy and can simulate hundreds if not thousands of testers. With this in mind, Fugetron helped incorporate Automation testing framework using Micro-Focus UFT.

The Challenge:
Majority of the Client’s testing on their legacy green screen applications was manual. Manual testing meant they required more resources and spent more time on their testing while still having an immense backlog to work through.

The Solution:
Fugetron Corp. stepped in to implement QA automation for the Client employing a Hybrid framework along with Micro-Focus UFT, which was most compatible with the Client’s legacy applications. Our offshore QA team lead by an Onsite Automation Architect began creating Base Framework scripts for the different apps that would employ the framework. Most testing scenarios completed were then uploaded onto BitBucket to be utilized by the Client’s dev ops cycles.

Fugetron Corp. not only helped to implement QA automation but also built an offshore QA team for the Client to be able to achieve the “Follow the Sun” model for their projects. The Client is now able to complete their work essentially around the clock with increased productivity at an affordable cost.