Business Analysis

Case Study

Helping the Client present the business processes in a clear and clean manner with the use complex diagrams.

To better understand and modify any existing business process, it is important to visualize what the process looks like. By drawing out what the process is, businesses are better able to see the inconsistencies in the current flow and improve upon them. Business process diagrams help showcase a very clear idea of what supposed to be achieved and they are also ideal to use to quickly train any new people entering the company. Business process diagrams also aid in jump-starting organizational process documentation which is crucial for any company.

The Challenge:
The Client is a Consulting Company that helps their clients build better In House production Agencies. Working with their client who had immense legacy and tribal knowledge within their business user community, they needed a clean and clear way to understand and represent the same to upper management.

The Solution:
Fugetron Corp.’s business analysts worked with the Client to thoroughly understand their business process and worked to create complex diagrams at different stages of their lifecycle which accurately and clearly showed the business process from start to finish. Our BAs were also able to help the Client improve upon their current process and create further documentation. Our work with their process management also led to a successful implementation of their production project management Solution.