Application Development

Application Development

Case Study

Providing the Client with a web-based Admin and mobile application Lab results delivery tool to enable their customers to view their patient’s reports Real time using Fugetron’s App solutions.

In an age where the industry is rapidly moving towards electronic delivery of all products, why should healthcare be behind. With healthcare, time is of the essence. Every second saved to provide the test results back to the healthcare provider could effectively save some person’s life.

Currently our client receives patient samples daily from medical providers for testing. Once the test results are ready, the reports are physically printed and mailed to the providers offices via courier. The provider looks at them when they get an opportunity. This really impacts the urgent results that are awaiting their attention but are missed in the many non-urgent ones. The availability of the mobile and web app will give the provider an ability to receive test results in real-time. The notification for different type of reports would bring the health provider’s attention to the urgent one.

The Challenge:

  • The alternate to physically mailing the reports to the healthcare provider was to email it to the provider. This would be a security risk as the reports have PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and PHI (Protected Health Information).
  • The Client was looking for a cost-efficient solution with minimal monitoring.

The Solution:
Fugetron built a cloud based mobile/tablet app that will give the healthcare provider ability to register on the app and immediately access the reports. Based on the initial and on-going notification preference setup, the provider will be notified whenever there is a new report uploaded or edited by the Admins.

These preference selections would allow the App to present ONLY alerts for the results diagnoses that each Provider opts to receive alerts for via mobile device(s).

The services are hosted via a reliable HIPAA compliant storage and delivery vendor to ensure all-round compliance.

The health care providers are required to request registration and be vetted before having access to view diagnoses and reports on their mobile devices.

The App was made available on iOS and Android. The web-based Portal will be accessible using any modern web browser.
The Mobile App was built using Cordova and the web portal was built using Java script.

The APIs were built using the AWS service “API Gateway”.

AWS lambda was used to perform all the backend activity of the mobile and the web App.

Dynamo DB was used to store the metadata for the reports and Users for faster reads.

AWS Cognito was used for web and mobile app authentication.

All the reports were stored in separate folders in AWS S3 where the access to the folders were restricted by the provider.

Key Highlights:

Technologies used – Python, JavaScript, Cordova, Node.js, AWS S3, AWS Cognito, AWS Lambda, AWS Api Gateway, AWS Dynamodb
Team size –1 Architects, 1 UI/UX designer, 1 AWS backend developer, 1 Mobile app developer
Project duration – 2 months
Project Governance – Agile delivery governed by Joint Steering Committee, Daily Scrum, Weekly Status Reports
Delivery model – Hybrid

Results and Benefits:

  • Provide immediate access to test results and reports to the health care provider.
  • Notifies the healthcare provider of the reports that are time sensitive which possibly can result in the patient receiving immediate treatment.