Cloud Adoption

Cloud Computing Services & Deployment Models

Cloud first is more of a philosophy than a service offering. With the enormous benefits cloud computing has to offer, it has to form an important part in any business’ digital and development strategy.

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Cracking the Cloud

With the world moving to the cloud there are a million choices that are to be made while deploying, architecting or simply leveraging the cloud. Which one is the best? How to do it correctly? What are the RoIs? The right & experienced Technology partner helps you navigate to your end-goal without any roadblocks.

Cloud Adoption Services

1. Cloud Ecosystem
Understanding the entire cloud ecosystem and the advantages of Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud models. We also overview the key elements of IaaS, PaaS & SaaS.

2. Better Cloud RoI
The section overviews how to account for better RoIs through Fugetron Corporation. Understanding Secure Deployment, Technology Stacks, Provider Selection & Migration.

3. Benefitting From Cloud
How can you harness the true power of cloud and the benefits that accompany it – Cost Reductions, Scalability, Collaborations & Security.

Public Cloud

A common way of cloud deployment in which the cloud resources like storage and servers are owned, operated, and maintained.

Typical advantages include:
-Low costs and maintenance.
-No limit on scalability.
-Highly reliable.

Private Cloud

The computing resources here are exclusive to the business. The hardware of the set-up is dedicated to your organization and the services are maintained on a private network.

Advantages here include:
-Customized cloud environment.
-Improved security through exclusive resources.
-Highly scalable.

Hybrid Cloud

It is a cross of Public and Private cloud infrastructures and offers the best of both the worlds. Data and applications here can move between public and private clouds for greater flexibility.

This offers benefits like:
-Extended control for sensitive assets.
-Additional available resources.
-Cost effective option.
-Easy transitions between clouds.