Vaadin- Not just a Framework but an Experience!

Back in the year 2000 there was a research started with a mission of creating a new technology that would make it easier to build a very interactive web application. After a lot of research, it was concluded that the problem in building and maintaining a real interactive application with technology design for writing web pages was quite challenging.

The actual goal was to optimize the development experience that will make the teams more productive. This is done by providing Powerful Java based abstraction on top of HTML 5.

This framework in today’s world is called Vaadin.

Vaadin is all about user interface components. You not only design the components to look great but also to be very usable, so you can focus on only your application and let the framework handle the foundation for you.

The core framework works on common set of components but there are hundreds of add-on components available and building your application from these components is very easy.

Vaadin Designer is a tool to build UIs using drag and drop, allowing you to save time and focus on usability and business logic implementation.

Vaadin is an open-source framework. It gives freedom to the developers who set a solid foundation for a very active community. Java is the foundation of Vaadin, so anything you can do in plain Java, you can also do it on Vaadin.

At Fugetron Corp, we decided to help our client build their new application on Vaadin for its smoothness and efficiency at work. Our developers have been working on Vaadin for the past few months, and they have had an incredible experience in working on this framework.

“Selecting Vaadin as our web development framework has meant a plus for our time-to-market needs. Leveraging the whole Java ecosystem also helped us to create applications faster, visually attractive, reliable and easily scalable,” says one of the Developers at Fugetron Corp.

Vaadin also enabled the creation of views suitable for personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones; the team recognized Vaadin as an excellent development tool to boost their productivity, and thus produce a fully functional solution in record time. It has also helped our on-site team to design and smoothly transform the usability and visual look of the application.

The Developers at Fugetron Corp find Vaadin as an extremely light weight, smooth, efficient framework which helps them interface multi- technologies. Another strong part about Vaadin is that it has a lot of future scope because of its evolution history. Some of our Developers have worked on Vaadin 7 and 8 which provided with a very less support but now with Vaadin 12 and 14 there is very much support from its designers’ end and a lot of enhancements that have been done in the past years on this framework says a lot about its future.

While comparing Vaadin to other frameworks such as JSP (Java Server Pages), we found that Vaadin does exceedingly well in comparison with others. As JSP is platform dependent and can only be used for Plain Java whereas Vaadin is Platform independent and can be used in Multiple UI component (a number of different UI components).

In Vaadin, there are built-in light weight components which also have Mobile Support unlike JSP. With Vaadin being the latest technology, it has a lot of scope for growth and learning.

Being a java developer, this is a best way to quickly learn UI and become a full stack developer faster because all Vaadin components also come with an optional Java API and automated server-client communication through the Vaadin Flow framework.

You can use well-known Java libraries and tools within it. Flow allows you to build web apps fully in Java without having to deal with JavaScript, HTML or exposing service APIs through REST.