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Fugetron Corporation is your trusted source in IT and Support.

At Fugetron, we help companies leverage technology to create a competitive advantage by improving efficiency, cutting costs, increasing profitability and facilitating growth. Our mission: To be the preferred partner of the best user and business collaboration experience, regardless of domain or location.

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How we can help you

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Why Partners with us

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Client Success Stories

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Stay Up, Stay Running, Stay Protected

A technology solution is merely a vehicle to business success, not the end goal.

Dissertation Data analysis forms the pivot around which the entire dissertation is developed.


Delivers software testing services and quality assurance services for desktop and mobile applications, to drive quality to your product.

Cloud  computing  has  totally changed  the way  organization’s establish   and   manage  IT  operations.


Delivering intelligent solutions that fast tracks your problem-solving capabilities

Our business analysis service examines the current position of your organisation in terms of what it needs to facilitate progress.

Delivering intelligent solutions that fast tracks your problem-solving capabilities

IT services built specifically for your business. Find your solution

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  • Fugetron is a valuable resource and partner to Blum Consulting in the process of mapping work streams and designing workflow for our clients. The are responsive, they work quickly, and their work is high quality and professional.

    Imran Khan has been a source of valuable business advice and input, and Aalema Saiyed has provided essential support for our projects on a continuing basis.

    Alex Blum

    Blum Consulting Partners Inc.
  • I believe a good technology company should have enough industry knowledge in order to offer trusted advice, have the expertise to build the product in question, and finally have the resources to maintain the stability of the technical process for the end-user(s). Fugetron excels in all three of these areas, providing the highest level of quality assurance, while also successfully utilizing a hands-on approach with training and optimizing the efficiency of development, often making suggestions on how to expand upon our analytics to make our product more marketable and profitable. While they had experience working under HIPAA and PHI guidelines, my particular niche sector is very precise and the Fugetron team took the time and energy to learn the specific caveats of my industry so that they could provide a better end product for my clients and patients.

    Wes Moschetto

    iPathology Laboratories
  • Fugetron has been a great partner in our journey to fulfill our strategic technology roadmap at TTC. They helped us rebuild our critical business application from the ground up at an amazing speed while still staying under budget. They also helped us achieve autonomy in our Quality Assurance process with onsite guidance and enabled us to achieve more efficiency by implementing a follow the sun model with offshore augmentation.

    Mujeebur Rahmansaher, Chief Technology Officer

    The TEAM Companies

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